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Astral Energine

the astral energine i was wondering if it just adds 500exp period or if i ran multiple dungeons and got rewards if it would absorb 500 each run stacking up the exp inside its self. (for example if i ran 4 quests. would it have 2000 exp on it or would it just be 500 max?)

Continuously building up would be overpowered... I think it's just a flat 500, but I don't even interpret it as taking your XP; I think it just straight up grants 500 XP to an astral.  Guess I'll find out when I save up for it...


Last Edited by TakagiSaori on 2012-8-28 20:11

whats the catch to the astral? seems i cant equip it tho.


ok after using it its basically a easy way to add xp to existing astral's that you are using. so you combine a energine  to a lv 1 giving that lv 1 500xp to instantly making it a lv 3.


Ya it is just a one time 500 xp boost to your astral


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