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Wartune Magisters Recruitment 12/21

Wartune was an RPG and strategic 2.5D on-line game in which the 2D frame was rendered by 3D visualization, creating exquisite visual enjoyment. With a theme of western myth, its initial version was based on a clue of the development of major cities along with adventures in the dungeons. As a leader, players should protect and develop their own cities in ways of self-enhancements and troop recruitment against demons. In the adventure of various dungeons, players will encounter with kinds of intricate game plays such as chase, escape and counterattack, during which players can accumulated their strategic experience and finally become respectable overlords. Now there are large number of players join in wartune world everyday, we wartune team decide to recruit some Magisters who will be responsible for helping the growth of every players. There are generous rewards intended for all the qualified magisters, we are sure your sincere efforts deserve them.         

What is a Magister?
Wartune Magister is a role mainly responsible for helping players with their problems during the game. The details are as follows:
1. Helping with problem solving passionately in the gaming system, including world, region, private chat and friends interfaces .
2. Helping beginners grasp the operation and rules of the game.
3. Spreading official events and announcements to the players.
4. Reporting any gaming deception and harassment and activating the server atmosphere.
5. Cooperating with official wartune team in dealing with gaming bug, suggestions and complains by sending player feedback in time.

Working time
Long (From the server open to the server close) the specific time is based on official announcements. Every magister should at least be on-line 5 hours per day.

1. Every qualified magister will have a basic salary of 1M Gold and 1M Daru per month, which will be send by mail within 3 days after every terms of service. Wartune team will select both qualified and outstanding magisters according to their online time, guidance quality, players feedback on forum or other channels, and the GM inspection. There are extra rewards exclusive to outstanding magisters.
2. Outstanding Magister will obtain a chance of reappointment.
3. Any magister who have been excellent in their past work will have priority in our official mod recruitment.   

Note and attention
Some punishments are formulated for magisters who break the rules such as follows:
1. Continuous offline more than 48 hours without any exceptional case.
2. Magisters who were found neglecting their own duties by GM.
3. Magisters who were complained by players
4. Magisters who were complained by players in the forum, with screenshots as evidences.
5. Magisters who were found sharing his or her accts or have secret illeagal trades with others during their work will be strictly punished even have their accts terminated.
6. Magisters who were found not cooperating with offical by issuing passive or offensive remarks in the forum or gaming system will be removed Magister title, even have their acct terminated.
7. Wartune team will take some randomly inspection to the on-line magister, this is important for the selection of qualified and outstanding magister, please take the guidance work serious.

As for above conditon, we have the authority to removed some rewards such as balens or even the magister titles.

Magister requirement
1. Be familiar to Wartune rules and operation, knowing all possible problems beginners may encountered with.
2. Love Wartune and have patience and passion in guiding beginners.
3. Having enough time on-line(no less than 5 hours). Every magister should be online continually to help beginners.
5. being able to throw themselves into work in the first time after new server open.
6. With strong responsibility and active working attitude, having respect to the role of magister.

Recruitment duration:
from now to full complement (One Magister per server)

Application approach:
Reply on specified Threads or send mail to wartunegm@gmail.com with a correct format as below (incorrect application format will not pass)

Correct format:

Title: I want to be a Wartune Magister
Time of joining Wartune:
On line time per day:
Gaming experience:
Advantages to be a magister:
Character name:

For players who passed the magisters audits we will reply by mail and contact with them using skype acct. Every megister should keep your skype on-line during their working time in convenience of contacting to each other. Those who lose contact with us during  will be removed magister title regarded as auto waiver.

Our staff will never asked for your acct password during the recruitment. Please be caucious of deception of any kinds.

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Title: I want to be a Wartune Magister

Time of joining Wartune: October 17th 2012 (I dont remember the exact date but I think thats the date becuase I have paid about 3 VIPs by now, except for the December becuase of Christmas and other issues)

On line time per day: Well, I am online usually about 8hours to 12hours a day depending on what events my Guild DanuTalis will attend.

Gaming experience: 10years ... I played all kinds of games...Conquer2.0, Shaiya, Pirates of the Carribean, Vogage Century, Perfect World International, IMVU, Eudemonds and so many more in past 10years. All MMORPG online games. Some of those games I had very successful guilds. I have always been a leader and a helper. I tried to always help those in need and some even helped them to become the strongest player in the game. Even when the game is free to play I always buy the membership becuase I like the benefits it gives and I also know it helps a the game master to continue their work on improving the game.

Advantages to be a magister: Honestly, if I were to be a magister, it would be becuase I want to help the players of wartune and help iTokesAlot becuase she is an awesome person and has a lot in her plate. Plus, I know this would help her have less in her plate and I would be able to help more of those in need of assistance... I know I would be able to continue to help a lot more than I am already offering to many of the players in the game. I am just being me... it is in my nature to help those in need and instruct those that dont know how to play a game. It give me satisfaction to know that the player I helped could become a well known player. I mean, I do a lot for many different guilds in s9 even when they dont give me reconigtion... however in my guild my members are happy to be in my guild becuase I help them with everthing I can. I even go as far as helping them out with VIP so they have a chance to become strong... well not all of them becuase I can't afford 60 VIPs *smiles* but I do held a competition to award the most helpful player and award others that dont win the competition but deserve to be awarded for there efforts they have done in the past. I just do what I can to help... Im just being me.

Character name: GoddessIsis

Server: s9

Skype: isis.angel.ariadna

Mail: danutalis-guild@tech-center.com You may contact me at this email... However, I believe my registered email for my wartune account is: Je_taime_jm@hotmail.com

NOTE: I have email this information to wartunegm@gmail.com with more details and specifications. Thank You for the consideration.

Guild Master GoddessIsis of DanuTalis
Goddess Isis of DanuTalis


Title: I want to be a Wartune Magister
Time of joining Wartune: I dnt quit remember but it was around the middle of server 8
On line time per day: im usually on from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Gaming experience: i have learned from my mistaces in building a good character i speacilize in the mage class but can give advice on Knight and archer classes i have learned from what other ppl taught me as well
Advantages to be a magister: I can be able to help out more and make sure to report when things go wrong and ill be able to help out alot more ppl as well as contribute to my guild but most all i want to make a difference and help out ppl even if i get none in return
Character name: christian95
Server: S59
Skype: christian cowgill
Mail: text_craver1995@yahoo.com


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Title: I want to be a Wartune Magister
Time of joining Wartune: First started in Nov 2012 on s1 now curently on s35
On line time per day:8am-11am cst,
12pm-2pm cst,
4pm-7pm cst,
9pm-1am cst, and various other during the day
estimated about 7-8 hours a day
Gaming experience:games i have played is evony, kabod, and world of warcraft years exp is about 15+ years
Advantages to be a magister:i enjoy playing wartune. i help out when and where i can all levels and guilds, i answer all questions i am able to the best of my knowledge. the main advantage of being a magister that i plan on getting from this is the experiance to help out other players and pass information both to the players and the developers from both sides.
Character name:FACECAGE
Server: s32
Skype: facecage666
chris feldman
Mail: scarecore2k1@yahoo.com


if dont have skype thats mean disqualified rite


I have noticed that people are applying here for position of Magister this is the email link  wartunegm@gmail.com for all applications.


put in my application
ready to start, make it so #1
Sever2 former Demigods - Now with Ancients FTW


i would like to be a Magister i am a very Experienced player i been here since Server 26


Put one in also and not heard anything back Sever 8


i would like become  magister but i dun have skype.


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