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Ok, can anyone enlighten me as to how get activate talents? Please tell me it isn't part of the dual skills bit and only available to pay per winners.

I dont think the talents came in on this patch xD im not sure tho sorry :l
We've all fallen but at the same time we are not broken ♥


that's unfortunate because i though i read that talents would be included in the latest update, oh well we're just going to have to wait a bit longer.


Im all okay with waiting patience will take u a long way xD, but at least itll be here. as far as i know only things that we in this patch were (Wings, level55+ equipment, 60+ dungeons, and Gem conversion... i could be missing more but xD hope that helps
We've all fallen but at the same time we are not broken ♥


the talents will come with the next update.


damn liva, i dont think we knew that XD thanks for the new info

p.s. it will not let me reply for some reason, stupid thread >: (


Talents are unlocked at Lv 50 & yes will be in update 1.47 comin in January This will use your Exp points & gold to obtain new talents It is an EXP hog lol


thats funny we arnt getting enough gold as is with the price of gem convertions and not to mentiong the 50mil gold you need for the guild mount crazy!!!
but talents do look cool hope they give use better seeds and maybe drop the price on alchamy a bit..


Ah come on Itokes! You can do better than that!

Show us what each mage skill does please!

Show us the tool tips of each (mage) skills, I wanna see what the mage skills do!!!

Talent General knowledge: post from discussion

All Class talent contain 1 active skill, and 8 passive skill. In order to learn your 8 passive skill, you need to lvl up 1st active skill "Seal" to lvl 5.

8 passive skill will greatly effect your Toon's battle ability.

As for lvl 2 passive skill, you need to lvl up your
"Seal" to lvl 15.

Lvl 3 passive skill still unknown, because on my server, the most player go is Lvl 2 passive.

Talent skill only can be up from the Talent point.
To get Talent point, you have to pay your character certain exp and Gold.
The exp charged to your character is only on your current lvl. For Example, if your character is lvl 50 and (80%)3165000/3500000 exp, the system will only allow you to trade not more than 3165000 exp.

Its hard to get, but definitely worth.

Remark* The name of talent skill i give here maybe different with R2, because i am translating directly from chinise to English.

Warrior class Talent Guide.

Seal(active): This is the basis of all career out talent, “Seal” = 100% Pure physical/magical atk of your current stat. Seal=has a chance to stun your opponent. (max 3 round)
Requirement to stun, your” Seal” lvl must be higher than your opponent.
Max lvl=unknown.

2.Tyranny(passive): Slasher have chance to increase your skill damage gain Buff(5%), (2 round)

3. Concentrate(passive): reduce the cool down for Enchance Delpic Destroyer, (5 second)

4. Tornado(passive)- your whirlwind have a chance to bleed your opponent, causing them to lose 20% damage per turn. (last 3 round)(the damage based on your whirlwind damage done to him/her)

5. Blast(passive): Ultimate slasher damage increased 5% but the rage consume increased by 2

6.Iron wall(passive): Incoming Damage reduced 5%-permenant.

7.Meditation(passive): intercept have chance to recovery 5% of your current max hp.

8. Lasting(passive): when you are successful blocked incoming damage, you have chance to Reflect back 10 % of the damage.

9. Rescue(passive): Shadow Trasher have a chance to add +5% damage reduction buff for you. (last 2 round)

As passive lvled up, it will give better bonus for each passive


looks awesome but give us a slight  indication of what it would cost in gold and EXP


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