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[Tips] How to report a problem to GM? 12/03

You may just joined in the wartune world, or you have enjoy it for a long time. You thought it cool, interesting or even enchanting until you found you can not log into the game any more. Or you  lost items, not receiving balens and other valuable things, then you sent a complain through GM system waiting till the next month to find no answer. Though we are trying our best to help but in many conditions, problems are stated vaguely and sometimes confused, which cause the decline of the quality and efficiency of the problem checking and elimination. We feel sorry about that, and had tried every efforts. And we'll be very appreciated if you try reporting the problems with more useful info to enhance the service quality.

But how? Just try tips as follows:
After clicking the GM button, please first choose the problem subject. You can find three subjects on the interface which states different conditions.

a) Recharge but not receiving your balens and items, or lost the item that you bought.
b) Transaction problems or with problems in payments.
c) Problems in VIP subscriptions.

General problems:
a) Bugs
b) Confusion in the game
c) Suggestions

b) want to join in or cooperate with our team.

State your problem title as clearly as possible. Here we also have tips to help.
Add keywords in front of your title. For example, if you think it is a bug, then you can just use a title: BUG: Lost system mails and items in it. Some other keywords useful:

Pick the most important info in your title, this will be very useful in bug report, there may be others to report the problem you have mentioned, if you pick up important info, we can compare your problem with similar one and solve it more quickly. For example: BUG: Lost my thanksgiving day pack items

To state the details, remember next 5 notes:
Please offer basic info which include your username, character name, and the server which your character is in.
2. If you submit a payment problem, it will be of great help to send the unique transaction code.
3. If you lost or not receiving items, it will be better to state the specify the items that you lost,the time and in which event or recharge.
4. No need of screenshots, many times we did not receive screenshots you’ve send.
5. It will be clearer if you omit some greeting or any other unecessary info.

We offer 2 examples for you.

We will have more gaming info in the future,  just pay more attention to our forum.

This is not working at all. 3 day in a row I try to talk with a GM because I pay a subscription and it's still not active. 3 day I ask for help. No one take 2 min to answer me.

Why your team spend time to write this kind of Email when no one answer our mail...

Please, spend time to answer us if you want us to reach you...

Sorry but this is freaking impossible...



Reply 2# Kosuichi

i must agree to him. i already use that system and no reply in my mail. and also tell the problem in bug thread also no reply. the only way us player can do is when happen some bug, dont even bother wasting 2 mins sending a report  cuz 300% of the time devs wont reply


Reply 3# amikki

They don't care about people who pay for the game and they don't deliver what we are supposed to have. Imagine a simple bug  ^^

Suck because it's a nice game. Wish the GM enjoy the beer I pay for them hehe.


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