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Last Edited by Mario58 on 2015-12-24 22:49

What is happening now sir after 2  times dc  my all socketed resist are gone 3pc's.  Lvl. 7 will crystal 3 pcs. of lvl. 11 dark,  3pcs.  lvl.  11 light and 4pcs. Lvl.  11 Electro resistance crystal
before wartune took all my resistance crystal and will crystal in my inventory now they took almost all my socketed resistance crystal and will crystal
u can check all my activity i'm not doing anything wrong
Mario58  S154


Having problems...my girl friend in indonsia can log her acc when loading she gets a black box
why is this like this.... for wartunes server s33 .toon name phebee...she is top archer of this
server....please advise.....i can log the acc, but she cant from indonisia she has been useing the acc a long time from indonsia but now it wont load? can u pls let me know why or give advise
email is pepey84@hotmail.com......but i am the one who controls 4 toons..my email is paulgjertsen@yahoo.com....been member for 3yrs spent alot please advise


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