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[Tips] Wartune Astral Guide 11/16

The Astral System in Wartune is a great way to make your character stronger. You are able to start capture Wartune Astrals when you reach level 25. In this guide we will go over more in detail on how the Wartune Astro system works, and how you can take the most advantage of it to make your character strong in Wartune. If you have found this guide useful. Please check out the rest of our Wartune guides. And share these guides with your Wartune guild mates and friends!

What is Wartune Astral System
The Wartune Astral system unlocks when you reach level 25. It an important feature to make your Wartune hero stronger in the game. You can access the Astral capture screen at the bottom of the menus. The Astral in Wartune can be bought at 4000 Wartune Gold per piece. However, you can get one free Astral draw per day.

Astral Star System and Cost
Every day you will get one free Astral star draw, after that it will cost 4000 Wartune gold for each additional draw. Simply click on the planet to get the star draw. When you draw the star, you will capture the astral at different quality. Once in a while you will unlock chances to achieve stronger draws which is another planet. Higher level star draws has chances of granting you stronger Astrals.


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