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Banned Account & Refund Issue

To better solve the problem of those players who get in trouble with refund or ban issue, we would like to suggest you to contact us with the following email addresses:


  If your account is banned, please check if there is any refund issue with your account.
  If you have any issues about payment with wartune.
  After that, please send us your email containing the following information:
1. Account
2. Character name
3. Server
4. Problematic Transaction ID(screen-shot would be better)
5. Detailed description about your problem

I need assistance. I am getting no help and I do not know what to do anymore. I am having repetetive deductions on my account. They need to refund my money ... This is happening over a few months now it seems. What can I do ... Wartune payments / wartunegm no one really helping. I gave them all info needed


Wish I could get into the acccount to stop the automatic payment for VIP! All I can do is change password. Why can't we get into our main account?


Reply 1# wartuneGM

    I have done this several times made Support ticket after support ticket. I play on S188 FLYBear my account was banned, saying I charged back. Which I did not do I have been getting nothing but the run around. I am fed up with this bulldump. I made no mistake what so ever. It must be a computer error. I am not the only one this dump has happen to. I am ready to get legal here. I don't have time for scams or theft from Wartune or make 1 choose. If 1 decides to have their money refunded they get banned. What kind of dump is this? Then People who haven't asked for a refund are being accused of it and account banned. dump is forked up. I won't tolerate this no more!


Here's the best way.
1.  Never do automatic payments for games.
2.  Call your credit card company if you pay that way, or if through bank, go meet a teller and have them stop automatic payments to Wartune.

On another note, how come the security image doesn't show up in Chrome?  If I open the picture in a new tab, I can see it, but that's just annoying to keep doing.


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