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Wartune Mini Client

    Wartune mini client is coming! Here we will offer this client for players to have a test, if you have any problems when using this client, please feedback us in this post. We will try our best to solve all the problems that may occur, thanks for all your support!

Wartune mini client download links

   http://www.filefactory.com/file/ ... TUNE_Mini_Login.exe




   https://hotfile.com/dl/240962393 ... Mini_Login.exe.html


   https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=5 ... E536A195B65FE%21105

Getting stuck at this after i click either FB login or google login

and it actually turns out to be a loop cant close it unless i terminate the mini client through task manager.
Also tried direct login with another account i have and it works fine.
And lastly i have tried to FB login with everything closed down (firewalls & antivirus) still the same result.
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After I login and choose my server, the mini client just closes.  I even tried with my browser page of wartune closed.


I had to tell my anti virus that its ok to use. "suspicious activity" other then that, it works great.


normal log in, functioning well
but cannot use login thu facebook and google ..


Its just beautiful !!! Love it, so much less lag. I have been working with a computer from 2000 and the client is amazing, so fast! Thank you thank you!


I guess since I don't play through facebook or google plus but Wartune.com it doesn't work,  client always closes after I hit either login or enter after choosing my server.


Works ok but I miss the Full Screen option of the browser. This one does nothing.


Really like this client.  Works much faster than 32 or 64 bit browsers.
Does seem like it has a memory leak ( or game does )  and needs to be restarted after a fe hours.
ALos certan actions seem to be resetting the 'settings' in game to default. * like tuning music back on etc
    I have found this  to happen several times on :
                                                                              entry to Battle ground
                                                                              entry to guild vault
                                                                              World boss fight - not sure what action is triggering it

Also just a minor thing - but in a browser  f5 refresh reloads client, in this program requires reloggin with password retyped even if remember me is checked

I do play mulitple chars at a time and multiple computers ( win 7 / and XP  based)
also  did use the facebook feature to login somone for guild battle - and it worked fine for me.

Keep up good work - look forward to updates


almost all FB players can't login from it when i press login client close so can u help us on that pleasy .... thx


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