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Not got your Balens

Not got your Balens yet !!! This is a very common thing I hear mainly around weekends & always a bunch on Holiday's.
99% of the time it is the delay transferring funds from your Bank or Credit/Debit card acct. Paypal even states on website transfers of this type can take 1-3 days...other forms of payment ..ie FB credits, smart phones, Western Union etc. may take longer. Usually during weekdays all generally goes smooth but at times (Idk why) this delay occurs. Wartune.. like you ..is also waiting for funds to hit their acct so system can kick out the Balens etc. Usually waiting till next business day or following Monday when your Bank or CC can finish this transfer, all then works out. If after ample time (up to 5 days) & still nothing contact your bank/CC to verify funds actually transferred ( & not just pending which does show gone from acct.) & send transaction #/s & date of purchase to wartunepayment@gmail.com

Some have in haste started a dispute or charge back & with bad timing  their order was filled then charge-back hits...taking $ back from Wartune & thus causing game acct to get banned.

This is why I prefer to use Paypal & fund my acct directly with GreenDot Money-paks or Paypal Cash cards when I plan on recharging for my main monthly supplies. Money-paks cost $4.95 + amt. you wish to fund on card ($20-500), Paypal Cash cards are $3.95  amt. to fund ($20-500). These an be found a Wal-marts, Kroger stores, CVS pharmacies & other retailers. Within minutes of purchase these are active & ready to fund your Paypal acct. With active funds in acct this avoids the transfer delays sometimes encountered otherwise. I never have a problem when using this method.

below are links & pic's to know what to look for & to locate them:




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