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Warning RE: 'Free Balens'

Seems something happened to the last post, but I think this is important to those that may be susceptible to the idea this represents.  Most of the 'quests' WON'T pay out.  I know, I speak from experience.  I have tried, failed, reached out to Wartune, their partners etc, and was told I did it wrong.  I then made videos of the completion of these 'quests' at which point nobody replied.  Just a heads up, you will in fact get lots of spyware/adware/junkware installed to complete these offers, the surveys, some of which work, some not, will have your e-mail sold to anyone with a pulse,and some that don't, that may want to abuse your address.  All for a less than 50% chance to get compensated.

Should this NOT be the case, and somehow the correspondences were 'lost in the tubes' I would be more than happy to talk with someone, but I am doubting this is the case, and would like to make sure that others aren't disappointed in the outcome of their efforts for the 'free balen'.

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For what its worth, I did the installs on a CLEAN install of windows.  No firewalls/AV, standard browser, etc.  There is absolutely nothing that should have stopped the completion of the offer from registering, other than the partner/wartune not wanting to pay out.  I would like to believe it was the partner, but that doesn't remove culpability from the dev from holding them responsible for their end of the deal.

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those free balens are always unreliable. I have done those free things in other games a lot.

here is some results.

- installed and played the things and nothing came (did this with the free mahjong game thingy)
- did survey and nothing came
- started survey answered 20 mins to questions and in 95% "sorry you are not the right guy for us" and ofc survey ended and nothing came
- installed the stuff got msg that I got the "stuff" but never actually got the stuff.

Just wanna also say this. Dunno what is wartunes policy but in other games they say "we are not responsible for these transactions/rewards" which pretty much means that if you don't get the "stuff" server hosts doesn't do anything about it and the "seller/advertiser" can do anything he wants. And then you can't do anything about it because the balen offerer says you got it and server host doesn't care. no one checks where is the problem.

So when you do those surveys and install those programs don't expect to get rewards.

I myself like videos. they don't cost anything (only little time) and in those server hosts sometimes fix them because those problems happens to all if those problems happens.

Edit: just wanna add something. Considering previous game. If you lived in us you had 20 videos a day. if you lived in europe or asian you had 1 video per week... maybe. Same server and all but apparently we don't have subways in europe or asia.


The issue I have is that they continually post in game to do them.  It reflects badly on them if they advertise it and the outcome is poor for their customers.  Then I am not sure if they are interested in that.


some work some dont you cant expect to much for free ifyou get 1 to work great if not oh well try another one


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