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items selling on other player

why dont u put this kind of system....
hunting and selling is the true essence of grinding ^^

Honest opinion, this system would be abused. It would allow massive farming and thats not what the developers intended for this game
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it is what was intended its called the auction house it is great feature that was removed in patch 1.2 so wartune can charge crazy insane price for you to get crystaloids and legend stones with a thriving auction house the player gets to put unbound items on and the game set the minimum balen start price according to the item then you can add your price i normally just go 1 balen over the set price and it is really great just today i sold 53 lv 2 loids for 107 balens which in turn enabled me to buy legend stones for my 40 set and im only lvl 38.(53 legends stones cost me 84 balens)

it is much more fun when you can buy and sell between players in order to gain better gear much faster then running the same dungeon for a month and becoming level 50 before you have the level 40 gear complete thats insane and not how this game is meant to be played

its terrible that wartune has event that require you pay 299.99 recharge to get enough crystaloids or legend stones to create 1 pieces of gear thats just   when im buying the entire 40 legend set at lvl 38 for like 10 bucks or even for free if you play the auction house good


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