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[Tips] Astral Floating Damage Expands Analysis 10/29

Now let’s share experience from our Wartune players.

The damage calculation in Wartune is centered around the medium damage by 10%, which makes the actual damage 90~110%. The Astrals that affect the floating damage expands those limits. For example, a floating damage expand of 20% will make it 70%~130%. Because of this, this astral is useless at lower level. This means that over many battle turns, this astral will help you exactly…nothing.

However, this astral has a powerful affect if you are a critical damage player plus critical enhancement. Let’s simplify the battle scenario: Let’s say if by average you can kill an opponent in 4 attacks – regardless of the skills used. On average without the damage expand it will take you 3~5 attacks. However, with the damage expand, you can widen the number of rounds to 2~6 attacks. How does this help? If you are lucky, you can quickly wipe out the enemy forces and have a higher chance of winning. This means faster kills.

There is another way to look at this astra. If you can kill an enemy in 2 rounds instead of 4 rounds, you double your killing speed. However, if you get unlucky and kill in 6 rounds, you only lose 50% of the battling time. Overall, when this astral is mastered at high level with the orange astral. It can be a formidable tool that can 1 shot kill some of your opponents.

Sincerely yours,

Wartune Team

well actually i still try with this astral,, i'll combine this astral with P.atk , Crit , and Crit Base damage,,

but its all about luck u know,, min damage or max damage u get,, its all about luck,,~


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I must say I am rather amused by this thread. For many weeks I have seen people ask what floating damage means and in response all I have seen from someone (an admin) is that the dev's are looking into what it does! Really?  they do not know the purpose and properties of something they created?  Furthermore it totally tickles me that after my posting in a previoius thread a carbon copy of the exact same analysis appears here signed off by "The Wartune Team"  So this is what peoples money gets them? What a disgrace!

I see also you have took the Dodge and reflect astral combo from the very same place I took the floating damage information from.


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