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Stuff To Expect From future Updates From Chinese Servers

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Well from playing on the chinese server i have gotten a little bit of information
I got all this information talking to a level 50 who was kind enough (and knew english)
Heroic Dungeons
What Is heroic Dungeon
     For Gold Tower
What is Gold Tower
      For earning Gold
(his responses)

All cost Balen

Fun Weapons (Water gun from post Avarix had of pictures)
Apparently arn't in the game

When fighting Boss monsters their buffs apear under their hp bar in top corner

I will post more when i get info. Post down below or message me if you want to know anything ill try to find it out

1. talent skill tree, players level rose to 50 pm Click skill button to enter the talent interface.

Players need through consumption experience and gold to gain the talent skill points.

3. Talent skill points can be used to upgrade the learning natural skills.

4 reset talent points spent Diamond / gifts, but the talent upgrade consumption experience and gold will not be returned.

Talent skills can strengthen certain skills, thus greatly enhance the player's ability to fight, such as: reducing skills fringe rage, restored to life, damage increased crit improve results, and will bring many changes for the fight thereby enhancing the strategic players in the battle, and interesting.

6. Different direction for different occupations, natural skills enhanced:

Warrior: enhance the physical damage, reduce the harm suffered, reduce some cooldown.

Mage: Increases magic damage, increasing the therapeutic value, reducing the harm suffered, reduce some cooldown.

Archer: improve crit reduce the harm suffered, reduce some cooldown.


The epic equipment also known as orange equipment, is the best equipped in the "Divine Comedy", divided into 40, 50, 60 level epic Kit and must be obtained through the level of equipment, materials synthesis.

First, the material comprising:

Purple suit. Corresponding level

2 corresponding level of orange mounted debris

3 corresponding to the level of legend Stone

Into the "smithy" synthetic "interface, and then select the" Advanced "

Second, how to get the material:

1 purple equipment

- Players to have purple suit Advanced epic equipment

- Purple equipment is also synthesized by the smithy synthesis equipment from the corresponding grade equipment debris and the number of the corresponding level magic spar is required before the synthesis of purple equipment

2 orange equipment debris

- Orange debris dedicated materials synthesis epic equipment, epic suit each equipment corresponds to an exclusive debris, equipment the orange debris can also be in the arena store exchange, jewelry orange debris in a maze of shops exchange for

3 legend Stone

- The legendary Stone of generic material for the synthesis of the corresponding grade epic equipment, can drop in more than a copy of the corresponding grade nightmare mode.

Epic equipment characteristics:

Epic equipment the purple fitted on the basis of the corresponding level, all additional attribute addition will enhance and to inherit all corresponding succinct star

Can strengthen the level cap increases, and with the increased level of epic equipment increased

3. Epic equipment also add a gem hole, more kinds of precious stones inlaid to improve the properties of the equipment

Advanced Materials Select worn equipment and binding materials


Guild war Hours:

Guild war time, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday ;
Each Open Day Hours: 20:00 to 21:00 .
Guild war rules of engagement :

Every Sunday, the system extracted according to the Association of fighting power rankings top 16 guild the pairwise match according to certain rules;
Chance guild war, members of the war organized by the President of the Institute, up to 50 months of the war members;
Starting Monday, after match, pairwise match good guild battle, after the end of, divided into a victory party and defeated party;
Association of victory party again pairwise match go to war, the defeated party (the victory side and defeated party independently with the respective parties Association twenty-two match fighting), on Wednesday, the Association of warfare;
And so on, in the same way twenty-two brokered war, until Saturday, the Association of the end of the war, participating Association in accordance with the Association of War ranked reward all players of the Association.
Association President how to organize the players war guild war qualification :

Every Sunday, the top 16 guild qualify;
Member war Eligibility:
President of the Institute Open Society of interface

Click the guild war tab, enter the " Schedule "interface to view participating the name of the association and schedule information

: View war members; Only the President of the Institute have permission to view the war members
: Direct access to the guild war battlefield;
Add war members of the
guild leader to click on the " war members to enter the war list to display the current war guild players

Click to add members to enter the " Add members "screen, click" add symbol "and" delete symbols for addition and subtraction team member

For the convenience of the public and president of adding members, click the " combat effectiveness "or" Level "ranking the war list based on the player's combat effectiveness or level,
The gray list represents the player is not online, bright colors list online on behalf of the players, male president of the players are online at any time adjusted Entries
After you set up the entry list, you can return to the Schedule , the turn-on time of the Association of warfare, click " enter the battlefield "to participate in guild war
4 other members of the Association of how war:

All members of the Association of guild war " Schedule can be viewed , but not in the " war list of players, unable to participate in the Association of War;

The ordinary players guild chat or otherwise, inform the President of the Institute, the president will you join the list of guild war war;
Click to enter the turn-on time of the Association of warfare battlefield participate in guild war.
Association victory over negative judgment:

Enter the Association of the war, both born at the point of their own enchantment tower ", the middle of the battlefield area generated four" restore the Pillar ";
Between Association players by occupation " to restore the column to attack the other team, and tear down the the other enchantment tower "attack; and succeeded in occupying the restoration of the column, but also from time to time for enchantment tower resume some blood as well as access to necessarily Points;
Within the specified time, break each other " enchantment tower guild is the victory party;
If within the specified time, failed to have any party enchantment tower "break, integral high side is the winning side;
If the integral is the same combat effectiveness of the Society for the winner;

Guild war rewards:

After the end of each game, the guild war reward rules:
- The awards include honors and decorations;
- victory and defeat has its rewards, guild war, the shorter the duration, the the victory party more rewarded; longer the duration of the failure of parties to obtain the reward more;
- reward members of the battlefield.
Week award rules:
- by the end of the week guild war ranked as the standard, the more high ranking, the more lucrative rewards obtained;
- the reward for the soul crystal, the top three will be entitled to a certain number of beasts the Lingshi;
- reward for war All players in the Association.


Players level rose 40 open mount system, the function keys will appear in the lower right corner of the toolbar, click Open horse interface.

Culture can increase the attributes of the horse, to improve horse class the attribute level cap can upgrade to cultivate.

Horse training is divided into training and senior training:

Culture: the need to consume a "beast began with" or some diamonds would this horse for a certain property upgrade, more surprise, at the same time, there is a chance the beast God bless this blessed effect can be the upgrade attributes the increase to several times as much.

Advanced culture: each time consumes 50 "beast began, no rations, consume some diamonds instead, the effect is equivalent to 50 times in vitro culture. At the same time, there are also certain chance the beast God bless this blessing effect can be increased to several times as much as the elevated property.

4 animal soul is divided into ordinary and special:

Ordinary soul of the beast: ordinary beast soul will one by one according to the horse level open, players can visit the horse outside the current mounts metamorphosis;, turned the horse shape into a metamorphosis after the appearance, but the same horse properties.

Special animal soul: special animal soul in a special way to open, and has nothing to do with the horse level. Players use special mounts, special mounts can increase the maximum training horse property and horse property values, and every special horse has a certain time period after the end of the period of validity corresponding display changes back to the grayed out; automatically restore the default to ordinary horse shape the highest order of appearance.

The beast began: used to training the horse, can enhance the attributes and levels of horse, to increase the movement speed, and can change the appearance of the horse.

6 players in the the page activate beast animal soul soul you can get the integral of the soul of the beast. As the ranking list with only the animal soul points, there is no other purpose.


Soldiers feature part of the property of the soldiers as heroes property soldiers upgrade interface, players can change the type of soldier characteristics "understanding" and have a chance to enhance soldier characteristics rating. In addition, each successful comprehension will increase the soldier's blessings value, the blessings value at full value, the next time insight soldiers will enjoy a higher level features, upgrade blessings value is automatically cleared.

Soldiers characteristic types: life, physical attack, physical defense, magic attack, magic defense.

Comprehend soldier characteristics need to consume a certain amount of fighting spirit.


[img][/img]   Players can enter the gem conversion interface from the smithy> conversion
. players can be any gems here converted into the same number corresponding to the level of the other attributes of the precious stones.
We want this gem conversion !!!


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Fortune Solomon was the richest among the gods in the sky shrine, he has the biggest treasures of this world, and even the entire wealth of the Dragon also can not be compared to him, with the increase in wealth, the godhead of Solomon began to fall, and become greedy, selfish, and he created a lot of coins Solomon, all treasure seal Solomon coins can no longer allow anyone to meddle in his treasure. In the the Ghost Battle of when, Solomon Balrog AEROCEL beat, even the soul is destroyed Solomon coins also will be scattered around in the world. Legend as long as the currency of Solomon, will be able to spy on to that huge treasure ...

Solomon round play:

Players can click through the mall purchase the currency of Solomon
Players to buy the currency of Solomon, Solomon currency Click backpack
Use Solomon coins, can be opened directly Solomon Wheel (VIP wheel on english Servers)

Click "start" button to turn the wheel, roulette displayed
Rotating the higher the number, the higher the value of goods will turn out
Round by Solomon, players will have the opportunity to get 40, 50 suite as well as a variety of senior gems, and get items for unbound
Items, players can put in the market for auction (only evidence i have found on this yet will be able to see for myself in a day or so)

link to this page  http://sq.mmog.asia/?page_id=186 this is the forum for the Chinese game which is in a way later version you can check it out ( although you will need a translator unless you can read pinyin )


great infos!

I have a question about market(auction hall?) i already know it will cost gold to auction an item but will it cost balens too? and what is the BIN Price located below the Starting BID?

would really appreciate a reply ty


sorry im not sure i quit playing the Chinese version as i couldnt understand it, and there was no more info about it on the forums


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