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A good cla-s-s build for a knight!

Last Edited by devilshome on 2012-10-17 11:16

Ok i found a good set for the knight its good for hp and attack
(Im at level 40 and im basing this off of level 40 stuff)
( You can follow this guide no matter what level it don't matter of which any order)
( Couldn't remove the red underline its not important just a dumb thing it keep putting)  

Ok first ill go over the skill tree set

Slasher: Ok this is one of the most important skills for a knight its the rage builder move.
Slasher at lvl 3
Cool down time: 5 seconds
Rage: 0
Affect: Deals 106% +55 patk to a single front row enemy. Increases rage by 5 points.

Ultimate Slasher: This is the second most important move i can think of for a knight, It only costs 10 rage but the affects are worth it.
Ultimate Slasher lvl 3
Cool down time: 5 seconds
Rage: 10
Affect: Deals 130% +150 patk to the enemy with the lowest percent of HP. ( QTE: Damage boost of 25%) ( This qte is a 1 key hit)

Delphic Destroyer: Ok this is the second most rage costing move for a knight however it is better than enhanced Delphic destroyer. It is a powerhouse move and is good to use for World boss and other bosses
Delphic Destroyer lvl 1
Cool down time: 60 seconds ( 1 min)
Rage: 80
Affect: Deals 300% +432 patk to a single row front row enemy( If the front row is gone it hits the back row)( It does do a 3 strike hit)

Heart of rage: This is a VERY important move for a knight, Since are moves take so much rage this helps you out alot.
Heart of rage lvl 2.
Cool down time: P-a-s-s-ive move ( Which meas its a affect that happens)
Afect: Receive and extra 10 rage after each action ( So after u use a rune, attack so on you get 10 rage back!)

Combat Master: This is a good  P-a-s-s-ive for the build im saying.
Combat master lvl 3
Cool-down time:  P-a-s-s-ive
Affect: Patk boost of 15%

Divine Blessing: This P-a-s-s-ive is good for the tank build im doing.
Divine Blessing lvl 2
Cool down time: P-a-s-s-ive
Affect: Pdef increase of 20%, Max HP increase of 20% and Received healing increases of 20%

Shadow Thrasher: This is a good move its a 2 attack move and it does a very good attack and so on.
Shadow Thrasher lvl 3
Cool down: 1 second
Rage: 35
Affect: Deals 175% +260 patk to a single front row enemy. ( If the front row is gone it hits the back row)( It does do a 2 strike hit)
(QTE bonus Added HP bleed that deals 90 damage each turn, Last for 5 turns. Hp bleed is stack able for max of 5 times.)

Tenacity: This is a  P-a-s-s-ive im very found of and i love it!
Tenacity lvl 1
Cool down:  P-a-s-s-ive
Affect: Damage received decrease of 3%,crt receive rate reduced by 1%

Ok that is my skill tree ( You should get all these max level before find any others
Helpful hints
So say your patk is increased by 15% to find how much it is now you go patk x % = the percent that it adds then you go
percent total + patk = your new patk if you do it This is the same for find any percent

So that the skill tree i think would help the most for this type of build.
( once i hit 42 argon shield well be level 3)

Here's a pic for my skill tree! http://tinypic.com/r/vhb1ap/6

I am using 4 main astral that benefit me the most as of right now. ( For this i well put down the purple and orange name of it.)
For affect I put what they do not the % or amount since id differs per level and per astral color's but its the same thing bascily)

Purple: Will Destroyer
Orange: Enhanced Will Destroyer

Affect of them:  Disables Critical strike but patk is increased by %   

(These astral do not show up on your page for BR but the affect does happen in battle.)( Trying to get them to but i guess they dont like my idea lol)

Purple: Refined Fortitude
Orange: Pristine Fortitude

Affect: Pdef

Purple: Refined Willpower
Orange: Pristine Willpower

Affect: Mdef

Purple: Refined Force
Orange: Pristine Force

Affect: Patk

(Once you hit level 50 i would get a block astral since ive heard they help alot)

Heres a link to my astrals page: http://tinypic.com/r/sz8phx/6

Ok lets got to the guild skills!

Guild Skills!
So this really depends on what level the guild you are in & What the skill tower is at

The guild skills don't say what they should so ill explain for the what skills do

Power= Strength +1 = patk +4 and pdef +1  
Defense Boost= Armor +1 = Mdef +4 and pdef +4
Charisma boost= Charisma +1 = +1 troop count
Stamina Boost= Endurance +1= + 20 hp
Intellect Boost= Intellect +1= Matk +4 and Mdef +1
Gold boost: don't need to go over this.

My level guild skill's and what they do.
Power lvl. 4 = 160 = patk 640, pdef 160
Defense lvl. 4 = 160= pdef 640, mdef 640
Intellect lvl. 3 ( Now the reason i did this is so your mdef goes up bye 1 but 1 helps alot!) = 120= matk 480, mdef 120
Charisma lvl. 3 = 60= 60 troop count
Stamina lvl. 3  = 120 = 2400 hp

Gems im using
My daru engraving is level 4 which adds +8% to gems affects

Patk Gem's
Patk + 84
Patk+ 84
Patk+ 64
Patk+ 84
Patk+ 64

Patk for gems = 380 (This counts out the daru engraving)  
Patk for gems with daru engraving= 408

HP Gem's
HP+ 560
HP+ 560

HP for gems = 1,120
HP for gems with daru engraving= 1,208

Pdef Gem's

Pdef gem= 112
Pdef gem with daru engraving = 120

Mdef Gem's

Mdef gem= 84
Mdef with daru engraving= 90

Those are the only gems i use I don't use block since i don't see the point of it ( For my lvl 50 astral i am using a block but i wont waste gems space for it)

If the + is in green it means that's the bonus u get for Full Enchanted

(Full Enchanted)
Helm Ashura
Pdef +151 +241 Mdef+151 241
Level: 35
Were to find it: In the arena shop
Cost: 500 Insignia

(Full Enchanted)
Soul of Ashura
HP+560 +772
Level: 35
Were to find it: In the arena shop  
Cost: 300 Insignia

(Full Enchanted)
Ashura aromr
Pdef+266 +379 Mdef+112 +194
Level: 35
Were to find it: In the arena shop
Cost: 700 Insignia

(Full Enchanted)
Ashura Sword
Patk+262 +374
Level: 35
Were to find it: In the arena shop
Cost: 900 Insignia

(Full Enchanted)
Knights Glory
HP+296 +415
Level: 30
Were to find it: Catacombs shop
Cost: 100 Crypt tokens

(+10 Enchanted)
Reaper's Summoning
HP+414 +464
Level: 40
Were to find it: Catacombs shop
Cost: 200 Crypt tokens

(Full Enchanted)
Roar of Sycorax
Patk+118 +201
Level: 30
Were to find it: Catacombs shop
Cost: 100 Crypt tokens

(Full Enchanted)
Sycorax Plume
Patk+118 +201
Level: 30
Were to find it: Catacombs shop
Cost: Crypt tokens

Bonuses for having the set's

Helm+necklace+Aromr+Weapon= Endurance+ 50, Intial Rage minimum +30, Ignores and enemy's 1000 pdef ( Which means u get 1000 more patk)
Rings= Set is broke
Jewelry= Crit damage reduced by 5%

What to choose

Armor +necklace+helm+weapon= So the thing about this is it's the level 35 arena set is the best you get till you get your level 45 arena set. So you'll be on this till you hit level 35.

Rings: So the only rings u EVER wanna wear is the catacombs rings no matter what cl*** you are there the best for it and well do you the most good.

Trinket: So the only Trinket u EVER wanna wear is the catacombs rings no matter what cl*** you are there the best for it and well do you the most good.

The Rings and Trinket's you only wanna buy from the catacombs shop and wear

Ok now lets go over ACADEMY!!!! YAY

So this is how i have it setup

Troop stat's for it.
Troop Hp 24= 120 hp
Troop Patk 41= 246 patk
Troop Pdef 22= 88 Pdef
Troop mdef 24= 96 mdef
Troop count 41= 164 troop count
( Keep you troop stuff around your hero set

Hero stat's
Hero patk 41= 492
Hero HP 41= 820
Hero Mdef 41= 328
Hero Pdef 41= 328
(So i would give some advice keep your hero stuff AT YOUR LEVEL dont try and play catch up like im doing)

Gold production 24= +1440/hour

Heros a link to my academy pic: http://tinypic.com/r/260fpe9/6

Now that that done lets go over the stats now


Without bonuses: 4964
With bonuses: 6962
(the ignore pdef and the astral for disable crictal don't show up you have to add them in your self!)
With Bonuses: 4690
With Bonuses: 568
With Bonuses: 3151
With Bonuses: 0 ( I don't like it since its needs and astral and or gems and i have better stuff for that than a chance of a better hit )
With Bonuses: 246
With Bonuses: 15,103
Troop count
With Bonuses: 753

Heres the link to my page so you can see that stat's for your self! http://tinypic.com/r/ib9qbc/6

I know this was A Lot to read and take in but this has helped me alot and i hope it can help someone esle as well!

Friends me on Server 1: Devilshome

You can put any info you think i should put in or anything to this build for a replay or comment on how it works for you ..

( Thanks for reading and i hope at least 1 person well take my advice)
( I had to do  P-a-s-s-ive Cuz i guess saying p***ive is saying the bad word lol )

Have a wonderful day and night an life !!!!!!

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Thats a good idea the main set's to have are arena gear. The level 35 is good but the lvl 45 is better if you can only get on for one arena i would say get a power house team so you can get alot of the medals. Dont forget you need honor to get the level 45 set.

It may only add 1 mdef per the intellect skill but it gives me like 120 mdef which is still alot of help


Thank you, I will compare now with my knight.

I tried to use an Astral Block (I have also MDEF+PDEF+PATK) which add me about +400 in Block, and I think it can help because you ca dodge and you have a skill which gives you 4% HP when dodging.

Your Guild Intellect is interesting because I didn't know it could increase your MDEF. I need it (hate mages).

Because I don't do much Group Arenas, I don't have all thos Ashura's items
If we have a lvl 45 set, I will wait for this.


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