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[Tips] Wartune Guild Experience 5 Skills 10/16

Dear players,

Now let’s continue share another experience from our Wartune players.

Guild skills are costly but they are extremely effective in making your Wartune hero stronger in the game. You can check how these Wartune stats affect your Wartune Combat abilities. The guild master will first have to build the skill tower and unlock the various skills. You will then be able to learn them. Below is a list of Wartune guild skills:

Power Boost: Each level increases Strength by 40.
Intellect Boost: Each level increases Intelligence by 40.
Gold Boost: Each level increases gold production by 1%.
Defense Boost: Each level increases Defense by 40.
Charisma Boost: Each level increases Charisma by 20.
Stamina Boost: Each level increases Endurance by 40.

Guild Purchase Cost:
All Skills Except Gold
Level 1: 200
Level 2: 500
Level 3: 1000
Level 4: 2000
Level 5: 3000

Gold Skill:
Level 1: 20
Level 2: 50
Level 3: 100
Level 4: 200
Level 5: 3000

Guild Unlock costs the same, you unlock the different skills based on the wealth needed for 1 single member to purchase it.Once you have purchased a guild skill, it will be activated as long as you are in any guild.However, while you are guildless the Wartune guild skills will be deactivated.

Thank you for your support! We hope you enjoy Wartune Game and send your experic with us. We will share playing experience on Wartune website and on Wartune Facebook!!!

Sincerely yours,

Wartune Team

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