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ask scatter shot for archers

Scatter shot has an effect to debuffs possitive buffs for enemy, what's the mean of debuff? and what kind of buffs can be debuffed?
Is debuffs here mean to decrease all enemies passive skill by 1?

yes it remove effect such as reflect from bosses or players.it removes shields and enrage effects just about anything that last a number amount of turns it wil remove it


If you actually want to use scatter shot, in lieu of damaging skills, then you need to make sure your timing in its use is right. If you see a knight about to use his/her Agoran shield, and a mage about to use suntoria, wait until the mage uses the suntoria before using scatter. The server generally prioritizes all party effects over single person effects, so a lv. 1 scatter shot will remove the suntoria. Yes, the knight will still have his/her shield, but they're also not gaining 4-6% of their HP back for 5-7 turns. And since the other members don't have suntoria also, they're more open to pure damage.

Scatter shot also can be a waste. If the opposing team has an archer with battle prowess, which you also have, scatter will remove the battle prowess effect, but it can be very easily replaced since BP is a passive effect.

Overall, not many archers carry scatter shot for a couple of reasons. It's generally not worth the 20-30 rage use since 1: Most battles don't last long enough for it to be useful, and 2: Most effects can be fairly quickly reset.


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