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Reply 2# daisyjane

    like an unlike method is working for me, thx for info


Reply 1# iTokesAlot

    iTokesAlot ! this also can be done by liking then unlike again ! do many times until it says in game that the game is finished !


FaceBook Quest Alt. method

Alt. method of getting FB Quest done (do b4 lv20-25 is best) Click the "like FB" button top rt of screen as shown here

this will take you to this screen here:

this page appears..with pointer on this box... hit F12 key on KB... **DO NOT hit "like" button on this box**

F12 Dev tools box pops up.. be in console section.. type in... likeClicked()   as shown then hit "enter"  (shud look like this screenshot & undefined shud pop up under ur text) you shud then hear the quest complete sound & it done.

Clear browser cache & all wartune & 7road cookies, logout of game, close & restart browser prior to doing this procedure

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