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Problems Mini Login

Last Edited by MortyferuS on 2014-11-5 08:21

Hi all, I have a problem that started after the last update my login and Mini is that after turning my pc daily treatment starting the game goes like charging as show in the picture below.
So you can spend all eld ia if I allow not load.
Then if I close it and try to start it again aparace me the following message.
To that end I appears this is no longer possible and open it.
If someone would kindly help me appreciate it's a lot.
Now try all the options I found on internet disable DEP or add to it, but the game does not work and just as I did all the steps to clean the registry of IE but in the end nothing happens.
I'm a 114 player server.
Greetings and sorry for my English but use a translator.

any can help, have same problem in my computer!!!! HELP!!! I HAVE THE FIRST PROBLEM NEVER FINISH CHARGE!!!


Last Edited by pabrey on 2015-2-25 09:13

any time same problem!!! any help in this GAME?????


now that it is a question of connection but since I can arrange it please someone who helps I am driven to despair 2 days without playing need urgent help!!!


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