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Major Lag probs

Those having major lag probs ...worse than usual..please do the following & send results via ticket system or ur server magister. These may help us find a common prob etc.

click the Start button to bring up the OS start menu... in search bar or find files/folders type in: cmd & hit enter key.
This will bring up the cmd prompt window

here you type the following syntax: ping www.google.com -t

now hit Enter key. Ping test results should begin to show up repeatedly...Screenshot these values.

Send Screenshot etc. in via Ticket System ( Click the GM icon top right of game screen)

attach the SS to ticket here:

be sure to include needed info when filling out Ticket form & submit it.

It's a must "In God & Gold We Trust" ;)

Reply 1# iTokesAlot

GM i recharge 1000 balens for buy transporter gems lv8 now...
Thank you for your purchase! but my balens still 0.
can u fix this..i have screenshoot. please check before gems events end.

name char : Sujinah
Server : 79
u can see i post screenshoot on my FB - Sujinah Drow Ranger



Reply 2# Sujinah

    and now, do you received?
Server Magister.
Server 277
Nickname: GabrielSG
Support: English
Apoyo: EspaƱol
Atendimento: Portuguese.


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