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   We run GoD with a single mage o ...
Lovatar Posted on 2012-11-3 21:19

Also, could you give a link to the thread? I can't seem to find it :/
What are the stats on that mage? What gear is used?


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I used the full level 40 pve set, gemmed largely with MATK.  The extra rage is, from the perspective of a solo-healer, imperative and, even with the bonus, I had to take a 40 rage rune at one point.  I believe I was close to 9100 MATK, with 5400 PDEF, 7100 MDEF and 21,000 HP when we finished the Lair.  (I have a little more MATK now that I've turned my last lv. 3 MATK gem into a lv. 4.)  I had level 2 def and stam pots on, and Eilistraee, Auriel and I are level 6 friends, giving us 700 more health and 280 PDEF while in dungeons.  I'm really rather embarrassed that I did not buff more, but it seemed unnecessary in light of the mechanics.

My stats are easily obtained without overly lengthy farming or spending; the real deciding factor for my particular situation is the extra rage from the pve set.  It allows me to easily keep my heals and dispel on cooldown.  At the moment, my healing is limited by cooldown timers rather than by rage.  I wear pve gear for most everything now.

It also appears to be my fault we did not finish sooner. I suppose I should have planted more exp. seeds. ;)

I'd be happy to provide advice on spec/rotation for Badlands, GoD, or Lair if it's desired.  I'm afraid I won't be much help, however.  Eili and Auri do most of the work. ;)

Hope that helped.



Badlands are Bad!


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I used the full level 40 pve set, gemmed largely with MATK.  The extra rage is, f ...
Scarborough Posted on 2012-11-4 06:01

Hi Scarborough,

That was quite helpful, and thank you for posting that information. I figured PvE gear would be an absolute must - rage is a big issue from what I hear from our mages. Once that's settled, then it's a matter of the cooldown timers. Also, thanks for being kind enough to post the stats at the time... they're not unusually high so this is very encouraging.

I'm going to hop over to the Lair thread now that I finally found it ;)  Thanks again for the info... you've been really helpful!


badland is a badland for a knight, archer and another MP dungeon up to lvl +45


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if proplems with this dung in s17 u can always come and look my name and add me im always free to help xcept times when im doing my own mps but i rarely do them i rather use my time better to help people out on they proplems and solve my own things later.
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*sigh* all of the discussion about 2 mages vs 1 and rage gear is hopelessly antiquated now. Not only is it much easier, but now we have mounts and wings and clothing that makes it MUCH easier. Shoot, we've even run it without a mage since it was nerfed.

Those were the days... lol
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    By the way, Tokes, about that screenie included in that post. I think , that think with Guild battles from first 8 ranks is a big stupid thing. How can some char from rank 10 or lower to get the chance to buy the lvl 35,45,55 without haveing a chance to gain those insignias ? I saw characters with hundreds in server 66, lvl 35, 45 with incomplete sets. And they don`t wanna leave their guilds, because they are all friends, and they invest alot of gold and time in that guild, and i belive them. I think all guilds should have this privilege. in that way, they can rise and maybe became the bests.
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