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we will be there soon atton :]


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   The garden is almost impossible even for higher level players and The next  ...
Stormchild Posted on 2012-10-27 13:50

Tokes, we beat Tarraton's Lair around 1am on October 27th
The team consisted of 2 mages, an archer, and a knight. We've since completed it several times - today's attempt went so well we're talking about doing mostly Lair runs from now on. We'll need to drop the Garden runs soon enough anyway...

Anyway, as for Badlands... while a single (strong) mage will cut it, it probably is best to run two because this is where mage teams can get the practice with working as a team that will be so vital for the next two MP dungeons. Timing is important for the Garden of Death and absolutely essential for Tarraton's Lair... so the sooner mage teams learn to work together, the more earlier they will be able to complete the level 50 & 55 dungeons successfully.

Just my 2 cents...


im pretty sure that the 55 mp one shots people
hiloka Posted on 2012-10-29 08:30

Only if they don't have good defense ;)
Seriously, I've heard of people being one-shotted in the Lair but none in our group... it WILL hit for 20k hp sometimes though. Pretty nasty stuff.


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1 mage works fine, I feel having 2 mage try to share the duties just results in longer uptime...
Attonbitus Posted on 2012-10-28 17:26

The thing is, this is your last chance to build a working relationship with another mage before you hit GoD, which absolutely requires two mages. It's tough but not nearly as tough as the level 55 dungeon where the mages MUST have split-second timing to get through it. So while running it with a single mage is convenient, parties that run dual mages may fare better in later dungeons since they have more practice working cooperatively.

Just IMO.


Its not much better when you cant even find a Group for Garden of Death


Its not much better when you cant even find a Group for Garden of Death
languisher Posted on 2012-11-2 23:38

I feel your pain - mages who can run GoD are hard to find right now but at least a fresh crop is starting to come up. Our usual party has 2 mages but if one can't make it for one reason or another, we're hosed. Unfortunately, it's even worse with Tarraton's Lair...   :/

Really, there's absolutely no incentive for mages to help out with extra runs, although some have been kind enough to do so. Many top level players are not getting all their runs (or any runs at all!) now due to the mage shortage...


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From the few tries i have had in GoD on Yalodar I do not believe for 1 second the dev's would be foolish enough to design as you appear to be saying 3 dungeons that requires 2 mage in the setup at this stage but perhaps so more end game, I think thats far from optimal setup given all classes can do damage and twice as many patk dealers in game probably more, yet only 1 can heal and has to virtually fully spec into healing (meaning only those that have purchased a second skill tree are viable unless they wana gimp themselves out of damge abilities for every other aspect of the game)  My thoughts are as follows... 1 full heal mage 2 utility specced archer and 1 knight would be the most effective. Having partied with 2 different mages in the attempts I have had this far has been fine right up to the duplicates then the sh.it hits the fan.

Sooner that boss is reduced to the point of duplicates spawning the healer has had his / her workload greatly reduced saving them a tonne of rage and timer watching of cd's such as Blessed Light. The 2 archers then have a far easier chance between them both of removing buffs and keeping them under control via 2x the cd's of their utility abilities this again makes the healers job less intense, not to mention that 2 archers can dps far more effectively single target than 2 mages. As for a knight here (i think) simply pure meatshield and damage accordingly but can also bring utility to the party with dmg reduction buff.

As I am seeing...simply buying your way to success isn't doable from badlands onwards and with that said nor will simply trying to outhealing bosses, knights and archers both have these skills in their trees for a reason and now is the time to begin learning how to use and apply them.


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My thoughts are as follows... 1 full heal mage 2 utility specced archer and 1 knight would be the most effective.
Attonbitus Posted on 2012-11-3 18:14

I don't think that will work unless you put Yalodar down before he can summon his buddies - once they've spawned I'm pretty sure the damage would overwhelm the healing abilities of the party. But I could be wrong.

Please let us know how this works out for you and please as much detail as possible. If this works this could really alleviate the issues with putting a party together...


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Reply 28# Cassiopia

    We run GoD with a single mage on s5, 3 archer 1 mage group and we finish this instance relatively easy. We also do Tarraton's lair in a 3 person group since there is only 3 of us on s5 55 or higher >_>. One mage can heal these instances and its not required to have two. We do it without 2 mages just use good teamwork and communication between everyone those are the main keys.

I posted the screenshots of the clear on the Tarraton Lair's thread. The 55-60 mp is totally doable by most if we can 3 person it. Our mage who is awesome only has extra sockets in her rings/trinkets (which she saved those socketing rods from the very beginning rods). Not try to argue with anyone, but these instances can be done with one mage.


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   We run GoD with a single mage o ...
Lovatar Posted on 2012-11-3 21:19

Thanks! That's what I needed to know.


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