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For Mage's 2 is best as one for Purification spells routinely timed & one with Suntoria etc for DPS all must watch battle closely for this "bleed" sign on players as well as Boss & time your skill shots accordingly...
iTokesAlot Posted on 2012-10-26 05:42

1 mage works fine, I feel having 2 mage try to share the duties just results in longer uptime of the 2 adds which also deal 1k per turn dots (if i aint mistaken *tired yawns*)  thus causing more dmg. How I do this encounter as a sole healer is LB in loading screen to open with hoping castinator procs, if so I cast suntoria but if not do another LB again for the same reason... The boss does his 1st 4k per turn DoT on its 4th attack and immediately after I cast purification then a few LB spams as I watch the counter for my purification cd which as it expires is time for the bosses 2nd cast of his 4k DoT then same again I purify followed by another suntoria if havent already done so prior to the 2nd DoT. This encounter looks more intense than it actually is and it's due to Imo lack of gear (defenses mainly)  / lack of dmg which in turn makes it a nightmare for a healer to keep up healing through a lack of rage.

Granted my rage stays up and damage is minimal I rarely use Blessed Light but it's there as an "Oh sh!T" should there be too much damage at on too many.


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    well Im not disputing youve done it, we have done it too, just weve had a hard time with it. @ mages both over level 57-59, Im 59 mage with maxed guild level 9 skills 50+ acad skills and 2 sets of skills one with healing other is pvp set up. Last time we failed with 1 knight and 1 archer just fine killed boss but two clones with those blooddrain affects they constantly keep on you, seems we just heal the group and wham were back under 50% with cool down on skills it becomes hard to stay alive and keep the affect off the two damage dealers. But, we will figure it out, Im sure its just a timing issue, still believe the new gear will make a big difference.


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Reply 12# Stormchild

    Me (Dps archer) uses pve gear and our healer uses pve gear its extremely essential for the mp all I am saying Storm. The lv40 gear out performs the 45 by far ^_^. That is the only real big difference between our group and yours . Is that 2/4 of our players are in 40 pve. It helps a ton . Not trying to argue trying to give  some advice. Don't knock the crystaloid gear its probably the best gear for mage/archer .

Takes time to farm but... Its not based on honor nor do you have to be up at certain times to and it really does change a lot especially on mage and I couldn't do half the things I do in the fight in pvp. I do have the 45 pvp all enchanted 3 socketed but I don't use it anymore unless I am doing battleground or arena.. Ethereal just far outclasses the 45.


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    Im not sure I understand how 40s gear could out do 45s pvp set with the -1500 defense difference. This should affect even mobs by quiet a bit, as well as the 30 rage you begin with every fight which allows more spell options to be used. Guess Ill look into the gear, main issue for me is Im 59 and get no exp unless Im doing tarsq group arena which so far no one has managed to get past the final boss. Shame theres allot of exp not being gotten from that.


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It's been rumored for a while that the -1500 only applies in PvP not PvE. Personally I'm not really sure as I haven't built the level 40 set and have merged all those crystaloids towards the level 50 set. However, in drawn out boss fights like this, for the mage in particular who's main job is healing, it does have an advantage as it allows the mage to accumulate 18 rage per turn instead of 8. After a few rounds the starting bonus of 30 rage quickly loses out to the 50 set in that regard.


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Reply 14# Stormchild

    The thing with pve gear is you gain 10 rage per action (Yes you start with 30 rage with pvp but how many times do you go into a pve fight under 30 rage another drawback is once the 30 rage is used up then you have the delay on getting rage back..) The armor difference is minimal PvE creatures don't stack armor why the +200 dmg is superior in my opinion to your -1500 armor. You do get some xp for GoD at 59 till 60 which you were close to last time i looked >_> its meh but at least something.

55 mp only two people on my server can enter atm.. I can't give my honest opinion on it yet we can duo up to first boss, but just like 50 mp can't duo boss unless one is a mage and both of us are archers.. My group will be 55 soon probably a week or so and I'll give you my honest opinion on it (I think atm 50 crystaloid gear is probably needed but haven't had a chance to get a full run at it so idk.)

Image below is comparison of 45 vs 50... Its quite a bit to be honest. Working on second piece atm 136/200 takes forever but plan on getting all 4 pieces..


im pretty sure that the 55 mp one shots people


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I disagree with your assessment on armor (which I take you to mean Pdef/Mdef). This is going back a bit, but I remember when going from bloodlands to the void, MightyDavid(toughest knight on s1) went from 4k damage per attack in bloodlands to 3k in void. So the defense of PvE creatures definitely increases.


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Reply 18# Elfarin

    Armor does increase and yes I know who MightyDavid is his gear is just plain scary lol, but I'm going from experience in GoD with a 2 archer group that runs GoD with either 2 mages or 1 mage 1 archer and we clear in 15-19mins with ease usually. I mean if you disagree with my advice go for it, if you take it then that is good too just putting in my input. You guys are running the instance with better geared and higher levels then us and some are having issues, while we are having minimal, Its not impossible about same difficulty as badlands once you get your routine down.


Badlands is interesting map imo but need to hire mage in team with lack of mage in server this hard to do,,so my suggestion is cut 5 attempt each run become 1 or 2 attempt and all rewards should be triple or more,, so mage still can help for other team when attempt 0.
(Very tired doing 5 runs and bored too )


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