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Banning and glitches

So let me be very clear about this. there are a lot of things about this game I enjoy, and lately a lot I do not.
People are getting banned for finding holes in the game and using it for their benefit.
if your not using "outside programs", but just using the games loopholes, the onus is on the game maker to close the holes not the player to not use them. and being banned for being smarter then the creator is just dumb. its like being a spoiled child and taking your ball and going home when you start to lose.

There are at least 2 glitches right now that I know of. the match and the spire. neither require any thought at all. yet both have been reported and and an update has been done, yet the hole are still there.
Now there is a threat of more banning?
for what? playing a game...? For finding an easier way to complete an mp?
instead of banning, fix it and move on.

We have been patient with all the issues within the game. the lag and the inability to do some stuff due to heavy cashing (TOK) and yet its OUR fault the game is broken.

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