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Lost Access to Purchased Gem Scrolls

Before the new patch was set in place I had used Balens and Bound Balens to purchase P.Atk Scrolls lvl 5/6/7/8/9 a few months ago to take advantage of the Gem Hot Events.

I went to make a level 9 gem like I have before the latest patch and it read that my "Hero Level Too Low".. So.. even though I purchased those p.atk scrolls up to level 9.. I no longer have access to them?  That doesn't seem right..   I thought that maybe since I used balens to get those scrolls that those would be omitted from the block while the rest of the scrolls would require me to level up to use them since I had not previously purchased the other gem scrolls.

I don't believe that it is right to deny access to something someone originally paid/worked to gain access for.

It is nice not having to hunt for the scrolls anymore and that we only need to level up to gain access to higher level gem scrolls.. but what about those who paid real money to get early access to all the scrolls they are now currently denied access to without reaching level 80?  Are they going to be reimbursed for what they paid into the game? Or is it going to be a "Sorry, no refunds." kind of deal.

I seriously hope that I regain access and use to the gem scrolls I purchased as I am currently enjoying the game at my level but I'm not in any hurry to reach level 80 only to have an unusually difficult time working to get equipment that Wallet Warriors just shell out money for.

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