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Equipment Recycling Suggestion

Why not add a feature to the Guild Shops so that users can sell or donate their old equipment and clothing to other Guild Members? They can buy and sell in gold, or Guild Contribution points, or donate to a collective pool. It would be like recycling.

If a player reaches the point where they have grown beyond their old equipment, they can either keep it or sell it from the backpack. The better thing to do would be to allow them to sell (or donate) the equipment to other, less experienced, members of their Guild. The person selling (or donating) is able to free up space in their inventory, and the person buying (or receiving) can get the next stage equipment they need, already enchanted and in a complete set, all at once.

This can either be implemented through the Guild Shop function by adding a new tab, or by adding a new area within the Guild Territory tab. Player happiness with the game, especially among new players, would almost certainly go up, and quite quickly.

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