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Bloody Inferno

Am I the only one who thinks the new items we got from Bloody Inferno are incredibly dumb? Well, two out of three are, at least.

The Forbidden Treasure Chest Shards are fine, they make sense. You gather a bunch, make a chest, get rewards. Simple.

Maybe it's too early to tell, but still having the Blood Crystals in your inventory after leaving makes no sense whatsoever. I got 56 from my first run, and we only got to the third boss. The power increase from the second to third boss was surprising, but my party still didn't need to use any buffs before that point, so I'm guessing the ones you get inside the dungeon are more than enough each day.

Yes, you can just sell them if you need room, I know that. The problem is why we're keeping them outside of the dungeon in the first place.

Lastly the mount shards; Inferno Shards. Biggest disappointment in a long while. You need 500 to make the new mount, which lasts 7 days. I hate this kind of thing. Why not do like ToK? Have one permanent mount and one with 7 days duration. I think almost everyone (who doesn't spend a lot of money on this game) is cramped for space in their inventory, but this is a cheap, almost insulting way to get players to spend balens on inventory space, in my opinion. Or simply make more things the same way insignia and sylph essences are now.

It's a shame, because the dungeon was interesting overall, and I enjoyed it. I'm sort of dreading how many new items we'll get from Cloud Adventures this weekend now...

/End rant

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