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[News] Version 1.45 Epic Equipment 11/8

Now let's share a new function in the coming version 1.45. Epic equipment, also called orange equipment, is a master work in Wartune. There are lvl40, lvl50, lvl60 and lvl70 epic sets. Players shall gather required materials to synthesize epic equipments in blacksmith.
1. Materials included:
a. Corresponding purple equipments
b. Corresponding orange equipment shards
c. Corresponding legendary stones
Synthesis process: Blacksmith→Synthesize→Convert
2. How to obtain the required materials
a. Players get purple equipments from synthesize in blacksmith, which needs corresponding equipment shards and Crystaloid.
b. Orange equipment shards are required materials for epic set synthesis. Every piece of epic set has an exclusive shard, which can be purchased in Arena Shop. Orange Jewelry shards can be bought in Crypt Shop.
c. Legendary Stone is a basic material for epic set synthesis, which is obtainable through the multi-player dungeons, The Void (Nightmare) and Badlands (Nightmare).
3. Epic Set stats
a. All stats of epic set will increase.
b. There will be a higher upper limit for enchanting epic set. The higher level the epic equipment is, the more times it can be enchanted.
c. There will be one more
Sincerely yours,
Wartune Team

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