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Please Help with INA Guild S6 "only" Bugs Problem

dear GM,

we, in INA Guild inserver 6, have 2 problem in guild battle:

1. when we first get in to battleground, we just see field and tree background, we can see no character then we have to full screen to see character. But when we go to battle in guild battle, we cannot move or attack enemies. It happened since last maintenance and already happen for saturday and today guild battle. It cost us loss in GB.

2. when we search our member guild who online in "friend menu", "tok menu" , "spire menu", "MP menu" (in guild member list), when can find nobody in guild member list. just blank in guild member list. it also happened since last maintenance.

i have email 4x to GM by clicking GM in top right corner of wartune menu but no answer until now after 4 days.

can anyone help about our issues?


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