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How can upgrade wings Lv3?

i hav 2 wings lv 2, how can i upgrade wings lv3 with new system?

i go to clohing synth put 2 wings lv 2 n then put luck charm 5, to upgrade lv 3 wings? or this is only change my wings replace to new wings?

please help me..... i cant find guide to synth clothing. thank you

Reply 1# icaruswings

    same way as u got lvl 2 wings the lvling process hasn't changed just that u can now change skins for them


how can i replace my wings with fashion core? but slot only luck charm....??


for lvl 3 wings it is best to have 2 sets of lvl 2 wings and possibly a luck charm for best results


I've read some FAQs that says it only need 2 Good Luck Charm to upgrade from L2 Wings to L3 Wings.. But I see that it has increases to 5 Good Luck Charm?


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