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[Tips] Wartune Guild Leader Impeach and Re-Elect10/17

Now let’s share experience from our Wartune players.

The  feature is made to ensure that guild leaders in Wartune stay active within the game. When the guild leader does not log in for 7 days, there will be a guild election between the guild to determine the next runner up. This is triggered automatically and a mail will be sent to all guild members. The guild members with at least 100 contribution will have voting rights. The new guild leader election process will take 3 days. However, if the guild leader comes online during the election, he will resume his rank as the Wartune guild leader.

Thank you for your supports! We hope you enjoy Wartune Game and send your experience with us. We will share playing experience on Wartune website and on Wartune Facebook!!!

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I am on server 3 my guild leader has been inactive for 11 days, there has been no mail sent for a guild election after the 7 day period. is there a bug? or something has changed the process? any help with this would be appreciated.


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