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Post Server10 bugs in this thread with a reply

post server 10 bugs below with a reply include in game name

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Under Main Quests

Quest Goal:
Gain passage through the badlands.

Quest Description:
Click on the [Hall Of Heroes] -> Enter the [Bloodlands] -> Complete the multiplayer dungeon.
Journey deeper into the Badlands.  It is a tough adventure; find someone to fight by your side.  

I did the multiplayer dungeon Bloodlands with other people and the quest remained incomplete.  I believe the bug is in the part that says bloodlands and it really means badlands.  I am going to try to do the badlands with other people and see if that completes the quest.  I will post an update as to weather or not that fixes it.

Either way, I did the quest with people in the bloodlands and the quest remained incomplete.  If this is found and fixed as a bug, I would like to request and would be ever-so-grateful to receive a reward for finding a bug.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

EDIT:  Confirmed.  I completed the multiplayer dungeon the Badlands one other person in my group and the quest was completed.  My in game account is Echo3, my characters name is Eterna1.


Hello, I recently recharged 10k balens using ultimate game cards and it took the money off the cards, but said my order was being processed and whenever it was accepted I would get balens, it's been a full day now, it took the money off the cards, so why don't I have my balens I paid for? please help me.

soonerboy server s10


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