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mameo87 Posted at 2012-9-18 21:36

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when i leave s3, im still in top 10 arena . maybe you know me and i know you too . but there really a different between cash player and normal player . like they have those 2 ring which give advantage at first . have more exp in dungeon . use balen to revive for boss at first to get in top 3 which give them more daru and gold so that they can upgrade more . they can buy some or lot of gem which make them stronger . and make more slot for more gem . lot lot of other thing for cash player to make the different wider . believe it or not is your choice .

i play in s5 now which didnt active vip status or so like in s3, and having a hard time here even though im archer compare knight in s3 .

Equlibreum Posted at 2012-9-18 21:51

i am lvl 43 knight with lvl 4 astrels patk mdef crit and pdef all red's  all my skills are lvl 30 or higher all my guild skills afre lvl 3 or higher i have full  set of 1st arena armor and lvl 39 mages and archers kick my ass so dont tell me knights are equil to mages and arcers pluse my armor is maxed enchanted

mameo87 Posted at 2012-9-18 22:11

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The option stat in each of your equipment will also make the big different . Like knight get lot of crit, charisma compare to those get get def, power, hp .
The number of gem in each equip and what level your gem is make different between cash player and normal player .
The way you choose your skill, how much each skill you increase also make it . Like getting AOE skill or delphin skill make you weak when pvp but good for dungeon .

There are lot of other aspect you need to look at other than skill from academy, your set level or your level

vikleroy Posted at 2012-9-19 00:59

So, which stats are good for a knight? (first question)

Yesterday, I went for the first time in the Arena (I'm level 29 now), and I wish we battle againt players at the same level.
Archers are just monsters. They made 1000 damage on 3 players, when I do 200 on one. What make the differences? Astrals? Guilds? Equipment? At this point???

In dungeons, my knight seems to be good enough.

I ask myself to reset my skills (I don't know what this will do, hope that I have to select other choices). On your mind, which are the best skills? On each level?

sinfuldesires69 Posted at 2012-9-19 06:32

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i am lvl 44 and i have the same set Mdef P def Hp and Pattk gems in my set all my skills are maxed for my lvl my troops are behind me 4 lvls my guild skills still need some work and mages and archers normally avoid me in Battle Ground most the time i get ballzy knights or the highest rankers attking me in are sever that would be a mage with 8k attk a mage with 7.8k attk an archer with 4.5k def p and m and a archer that seems to play her class like shes getting paid to do so i think the issue is ur skill choice and ur playing style if u want more power out of this class u will have to back off ur pdef and cirt abit and push more p attk and lvling up ur skills will help

goldenarmsx Posted at 2012-9-23 08:52

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I've actually took off Delphic Destroyer and took to a more offensive defensive game. At a certain point, you're going to want every advantage you can muster against stronger players/mobs -- Fetid Swamp has Eye of Demons, which can stun you -- a lot -- and Ghastly Priests who not only use AOE magic attacks, but heal quite often, too. You'll eventually have to fight them both in the last two campaigns of Fetid Swamp. And Deathly Sands is even worse -- haven't found magic users yet, but there are two mobs that will make Eye of Demons look like a walk in the park -- Doomsday Paladin and Eternal Lancer. The rate of their stunning skill is so high, I swear it must be 100%, and they use it like every other turn, which, since there's four of them, it might as well be [i]every[/i] turn for all the action you'll get. What's more horrifying IMO is that Lancers are 43, while Paladins are 47, but they are [i]much[/i] more aggressive, as they multi-hit like Eternal Blades as well as stun the crap out of you. Even if you dodge/heal, that damage racks up fast, especially if you get stunned for your troubles. So it's like, as a Knight, if you don't have hellified attack strength (like close to 6000 PATK), you'll find yourself NEEDING tricks like Reverse Damage just to stand a chance in this hellish environment with enemies like that.

Cassiopia Posted at 2012-10-11 14:36

[quote]All cl***es can do major damage if you know how to play them and also have the means to get the best ...
[size=2][color=#999999]Rotted Posted on 2012-8-28 01:40[/color] [url=][img][/img][/url][/size][/quote]

Well said!  :)

I've been told by those with experience on the Chinese servers that knights eventually are the ones everyone hates because they get uber powerful. I'm sharpening my sword and waiting in eager anticipation of that day... in the meantime, I can hold my own :)

kilo Posted at 2012-10-11 22:31

so anyway what about fixing knights cooldown on its basic attack

daisyjane Posted at 2012-10-12 07:09

i really dont agree that all is equal .. my mage lvl39 can be killed with archer lvl35+ .. how's that ? archers always crit .. i am lucky to be healer, i can still make there hp low . how about mage hitter type ? will just be raped by crits in archers ? i dont like it .. archers too pain ! also warrior against mage .. mage with lvl35 set can be killed with warrior , set not all same .. how is that equal ? ring less -7% crit .. still no use .. archers always crit high with high damage .. in warriors, how can that be equal if he duel with mage or archer, its argonian shields are useless, mage AOE skill can broke the shield .. archers skill2 can broke the shield easily too .. equal ? please .. let it be really equal ..

Kheil1.0 Posted at 2012-10-12 10:51

No cl*** will ever be truely equal when in game puchases can be made. Whats being asked for is a way to be equal without spending money as the others have to gain an advantage.

It will always be that way. You need the right skills- guild, academy, etc to really level the playing field between cash and non cash players but the advantage will always be with the cash shop. These games while free dont pay for them selves, its the cash shop users that keep things running. I hate knights.. i get owned as an archer. All they have to do is bubble at the 50% more damage mark and they pound my hp into dust. Knights just need to survive until then. Also your pets make a huge difference. At 40 I fought Knights with angels.. cant get past them when they are in the back.. they just heal and heal and heal.

There are lots of ways to play your character and this game has been around for a while (R2) and they have not had to make those changes. Its new to us now but guides and stuff are out there.. search for them, use them, and advance your character and play style. I play both a Knight and Archer so I can see both sides of the puzzle.

vikleroy Posted at 2012-10-15 00:38

I've been In the Bloodlands Arena with my knight with 3 Mages.
I was totally useless. Sometimes, because of lag, I arrived few seconds after the beginning of the battle, and I had no tame to take a shot.
I made Bloodlands, with 4 knights, it was longer than that.
Mages can affect more often multiple targets with a lot of damages.

Kathrynn Posted at 2012-10-31 07:13

On our server reapers there are knights who are constantly good on wb as well as in arena and bg's . one of their names  is braveheart and I know he has spent some balens on gems and such but his build is very powerful as I have faced him many times and even tough I am level 46 and he is lvl 44 he kills me all the time . He has over 4500 magdef and 5900 pdef and 22k hitpts .. His patk is over 6k as well all unbuffed . He will soon get his lvl 45 gear and will be even more dangerous . I know he is nice guy as I have spoke to him a few times and he has ran some void runs with us even though he was out of runs and got no exp . Take a look at him and see how he does it . The other knight is Domine and he is level 48 and a great tank in battle as well as in wb and bgs . I haven't ever grouped with him but have lost a few times to him in bg's and arenas .

Cassiopia Posted at 2012-10-31 07:26

[quote]I've been In the Bloodlands Arena with my knight with 3 Mages.
I was totally useless. Sometimes, bec ...
[size=2][color=#999999]vikleroy Posted on 2012-10-15 16:38[/color] [url=][img][/img][/url][/size][/quote]
Hang in there vikleroy. I'm a knight too and my old party consisted of me and three mages. They often killed everything with their AOE before I could really do anything. Do as Kathrynn suggested and check out how strong knights have configured their build...and know that as the dungeons get more difficult and as you get stronger, your role will be much more important.

Kathrynn Posted at 2012-10-31 14:30

Well from experience of going in void with Braveheart I can tell you he still had almost 20k htpts left at the end of the final boss battle . So if you get time go look at him or ask him his build . I also know he has completed up to level 65 in the crypts at level 44 using knights so he must be doing something right :). I am at lvl 65 in crypts as well but im a mage so it is easier for me I think and I'm level 47 as well .

vikleroy Posted at 2012-11-1 02:17

I think my knight is not bad, for someone who don't pay for the game to have more bonuses (I don't have 3 gems per item). I have actually 18k HP and even if my PATK isn't very strong, I'm in the top 40 on the server. It's just that, in comparison with mages in dongeons, my kight does less damages than them, and than archers. I'm in level 50 in the crypt, but not enough strong at the moment, but I have to go shopping in the crypt to gain some good artefacts. It'll change things I think.

I'm curious to see his build.

Kathrynn Posted at 2012-11-3 04:39

well Braveheart is now level 45 and was #3 -5 on all wb attempts yesterday and as of time of this posts is number 5 ranked in arena behind 3 level 50 archers and a 49 mage. Domine was 7th-9th in wb and is currently 8th in arena rankings . Both of them are very good knights . I glanced at Braveheart's BR and atm unbuffed he is at roughly 26k at level 45 with 6900 padef 4900 magdef 1500 block and 28k htpts and 6800 pattk . Domine is at 25k BR at level 49 with 7100 paatk 5700 padef 4200 magdef 900 block abd 24k htpts . Both have done level 70 crypts according to the crypt rankings .

vikleroy Posted at 2012-11-5 00:36

How many sockets? ;)

sainteve Posted at 2012-11-6 21:42

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see post #68 at this page,, if you still say knight was weak,, then you just dont know how to manage your char,,~

note: the knight who i mentioned was no balens user,, he just use 4 additional socket,, i think it was from free gift at low lv,,~ u can check ur self at server 6,, try to search Silverize at ranking,,~

Kathrynn Posted at 2012-11-8 08:30

[i=s] Last Edited by Kathrynn on 2012-11-9 00:32 [/i]

Braveheart has all slots/sockets on his gear for gems this i know as does Domine. I will say however he doesnt use balens to revive on wb as i watch him sit there like the rest of us waiting to rez :) . He told me last night during the badlands runs ,btw in which he never seemed to really take any dmg as his health never got below 80 percent, he isn't exactly built for dmg but more in line to be a tank for the lvl 50 mp and beyond. He said at level 50 after he upgrades his cata rings/tinkets he should have around 30k br and 8k unbuffed pdef and 6k unbuffed magdef with 2400 or so block and 33k htpts if his math is right . I can't wait to see it when he does reach lvl 50 . I'll keep you posted .

spaRRow(real) Posted at 2012-11-8 12:22

Yeah, don't know what the point of this topic is XD

Knights do not suck, they do around 6000-7000 damage on most basic atk, have high defences, high hp.

Knights are useless in Badlands but not in Garden of Death. You have to have a knight to tank the boss.

If anything, mage is the weakest class in the game.

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