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TopTier Posted at 2012-11-29 13:53

Crystaloid farming

I would suggest perhaps reducing the level 4 Crystaloid requirements for level 50 synthesis gear to about 100. At 200, we might earn about...6-8 lvl 4 crystals per day? So that's about what? 20 days at least for 1 piece of gear. So in other words, we'd have to spend about 3 months just to complete the level 50 set? To-me...that doesn't sound very feasible.

I mean the rate of conversion so far:
level 20 - 5 crystaloids
level 30 - 50 crystaloids
level 40 - 80 crystaloids
level 50 - 200 crystaloids?!

Seems to me that the jump of a difference of 120 crystaloids is unnecessary...

Lovatar Posted at 2012-11-29 23:21

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   Lv3 crystals used to be 100 to synth them so it went 100 to 200. When they added new update they reduced the amount of lv3 crystals to 80 why the numbers seem to have jumped so much.

hiloka Posted at 2012-11-30 05:11

because the amount of exp you need is increased so you will be on the levels longer meaning you will earn more crystals then in you would have previously, they also want you to work for the full set not just get it in a couple days

vikleroy Posted at 2012-12-2 23:24

At level 50, you need about 1000 cristalloids... I only have 20... Wow, I'll be level 80 before having the full set :)

TopTier Posted at 2012-12-6 08:51

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   Lv3 crystals used to be 100 to synth them so it went 100 to 200. When they adde ...
[size=2][color=#999999]Lovatar Posted on 2012-11-29 23:21[/color] [url=][img][/img][/url][/size][/quote]
Before the 1.45 update, we used to have 5 attempts each day so that's a max of 10x lvl 4 crystaloids everyday, so you could get about a synthetic 50 item set every 20 days. That's okay, but what I noticed is that now you only have 3 attempts per day, limiting it to possibly 6 x level 4 crystaloids per day. So that's about 34 days for 1 item set if you gather all crystaloids... so we'll have the level 50 gear in 4 months at this rate...

Now I understand  that the recent reduction of attempts of 3 per day is to cut back dramatically on server resources to provide us with other services like Guild War and cuts maintenance costs on the servers. That's no problem, but then, you just simply cut the rewards given as well.

So my conclusion is: If you're going to give us less attempts to farm, then at least either cut back the requirements of the synthetic set or increase the reward given at the end of each dungeon instead of just making it even harder to obtain the level 50 set.

Jennibear Posted at 2012-12-6 20:03

[quote]Before the 1.45 update, we used to have 5 attempts each day so that's a max of 10x lvl 4 crystaloid ...
[size=2][color=#999999]TopTier Posted on 2012-12-6 08:51[/color] [url=][img][/img][/url][/size][/quote]

yes please, i just got 50 and saw how crazy getting the legendary gear was and just decided eh whatever i'm just gonna wait for 55 arena gear xD i mean i used to think the40 crystalloids was ridiculous but it just seems like they want us to buy them to get them or something.

TopTier Posted at 2012-12-13 15:45

Ya, I wouldn't mind if you sold lvl 4 crystaloid packages at this rate, I'll buy them. It's not like you would lose profits that way either.~

Cassiopia Posted at 2012-12-13 23:32

I probably shouldn't point out here that it's even worse for level 60 gear... but I will :p
300 level 5 crystalloids per piece is a bit extreme. This is going to take awhile... lol

callak Posted at 2012-12-16 13:12

Yeah, was gonna complain about crystaloids required to make the set gear.

Now one of the biggest drawbacks is the conversion of lower level crystaloids into higher ones.  Why does it take 10 to make 1 higher?  For gems, it's a 4 to 1 ratio, so crystaloids should be the same.  At the rate we can gather them at, some of us would probably skip over a set to move on to the next one.  At 300 for 1 piece of lvl 60 set, chances are you'll be in the 70's before you can finish them all unless you're really, really lucky.  Getting 2 crystaloids from each boss and the 2 at the end where you pick one of them.  Oh, and I guess getting them each time from the campaign runs (cause it's possibly you can get one there).

hottty95 Posted at 2012-12-16 18:01

It's still pretty insane. Even for the coiners who most likely picked up a number of lvl 5's durring the Thanksgiving/Black Friday event, it's not likely for them to be able to make anymore than one piece at this point... leaving 900 to go. These coiners are also likely high lvl VIPs so they are going to far out level the effective range of this gear. It seems like a more cost effective measure to just go PVP gear until the final PvE set is released and then gun for whatever that set is due to the insanely high crystaloid costs. But even that is iffy due to it taking 10 of a lesser crystaloid to make 1 of a single lvl higher.

TopTier Posted at 2012-12-19 10:40

Ya, thank you guys~ As you get to the higher lvl sets, it takes an exponential amounts to obtain it, which is inevitable to obtain at start, but rather-impossible as you get higher and higher.

I do agree that the 10 : 1 crystaloid conversion is overpriced for whatever limits you may want to enforce on this game so that it doesn't get broken. I think this matter needs to be re-visited by the staff perhaps.

jcmskip Posted at 2013-1-8 01:27

Hi. I'm lvl 41 and just realized I needed 300 Lvl 3 Crystaloids to synthesize my Lvl 40 set. If I understand well, you can get around 3 Crystaloids a day, if you play all dungeons which isn't always the case. Which means I will need around 5 months to get them. I don't understand why this is so un-balanced when the other functions are working well. I know I will be bored before I get my crystaloid, that's sad because I was really liking this game, and put some money in it, all that for nothing :(

goldenarmsx Posted at 2013-1-8 01:42

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And this is why people generally advocate getting Arena Gear. Sure, you won't have the ability to make them Legendary, but it's a hellalot cleaner and easier to obtain. I don't really get the Crystaloid requirements myself, seeing how absurdly difficult it gets the higher in levels you move up. The level 20 set is only 20 Lvl 1 Crystaloids total, and the parts themselves comes fairly easily. After that, though, then it gets annoying how infrequent components drop, not to mention the meteoric rise in Crystaloids for each set. It's practically not worth bothering with once you break 40, since you'll rarely be able to get all the needed stones outside of cashing in for Balens and Mystery Shopping.

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