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Jennibear Posted at 2012-11-10 07:13

Block/dodge astral

I am not quite sure exactly what block does but people say it just ups the rate at which you dodge, so which would be better? 12% dodge versus like 1.3k block for a knight

Cassiopia Posted at 2012-11-10 09:49

I actually have both.  Block dodges and if you have your Enhanced Block passive skill, you have a 50% chance of restoring 4% HP (at level 1)  or 100% chance at level 2, which is maxed. This is your chance to "heal" a bit so a nice high block stat is a good thing. The dodge astral - Enhanced Illusion - also dodges but when it kicks in (and mine at level 5 seems to kick in a lot), only 1 damage is incurred. This has saved my bacon on some of the high-level dungeon runs, not to mention is really annoying for opponents in the arena ;)

I think if I had to choose, I would choose the block astral over the Illusion (% of dodging damage) astral, but that's just a personal choice. It seems to me that block kicks in a lot more and saves me far more damage than the Illusion dodge... but that's just my personal opinion.

Jennibear Posted at 2012-11-12 10:26

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Thanks cassi :] exactly what i wanted to know. yes I think I will go with block until I can use both at 60.

Stormchild Posted at 2012-11-12 11:35

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    On a personal note the astral that provides dodge mines at level 6 gives 12% dodge has saved me vs mighty david a couple of times I have managed to beat him in bg based only because of this astral, 5 dodges in one fight can help anyone, and Ive even dodged all the hits at the big end from wb and gotten addition hits off on him but, this dont happen to often. Love and hate the astral because well it can help your target as well, but love it too. I suggest a knight at 60 have both a nice block and a high dodge.

spaRRow(real) Posted at 2012-11-12 14:01

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       Dodge astral helps a lot and saves many people

@ stormchild aka fake avarix
You beat MD multiple times in bg.......? Beating him once with him at half health is nothing to brag about -.-

raynor Posted at 2012-11-12 14:06

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    yeah fake avarix beat him with half life plus you had full rage what about me beating you yesterday then beating you again a few seconds later with half life dont make out your something great wen all you do is prey on the weak

Stormchild Posted at 2012-11-12 18:11

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    he wasnt at half life he had full life and I beat him once and it was heads up yes it was pure luck so what Its more then youve done, all you like to do is whine and call names, fake Avarix, no the account belongs to me now the names Avarix and thats me now get used to it.

Stormchild Posted at 2012-11-12 18:14

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    Who cares if you beat me at the game raynor, youve spent a ton on that account recently, everytime you turn around and cant beat someone or cant do world boss you come here whining like a child, get over yourself already no one gives a care if you are the best, you sound like val, its a game not real life, if you wanna spend your life savings on the game to be the best go for it, more power to you. It means absolutely nothing to me or in real life, so brag and chant and whine all you want it dont change anything thats real. I am now Avarix the account was given to me, get over it.

raynor Posted at 2012-11-13 06:50

Thats where your wrong iv spent 350 dollars on this account not a lot of money to me maybe you will be 450 counting the recharge for the new gear thats what a new pair of trainers and a coat so as far as life saveings go you really need to think b4 you speak and your just pissed cause we caught you out for lying your saying here you beat him once but on the other post you have done it a few times what ever get a grip and your still fake avarix no matter how long you have the account

Stormchild Posted at 2012-11-13 11:18

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    Lying not hardly, you just cant stand it, you cant mind your own bussiness because you think your something special, well your not, you use scrolls and every big pot possible and still cant beat anyone at world boss without using balens. Claiming my whole guild even adena all use balens and anyone who beats you at wb or anything else must be either cheating or using balens too. You take this game so seriously its so funny. I feel sorry for you that you lack a life so much that this game means this much to you, honestly its pathetic.

raynor Posted at 2012-11-13 12:50

well for 1 go here and look at the real avarix post even she admitted adena uses balens [url][/url] and as far as wb goes even if i dont use balens you get no where near me you go on about how good you are but you havnt put the work we put in you go on that you gained 2 levels big deal try 61 also you wonder why every1 gives you grief its cause of the way you act because you have the account when every1 knows you couldnt get there of your own accord and b4 you say your big headed you think your 1 of the best on the server well iv earned that right i put the hard work in now go make a new account and put the hard work in like the rest of us cause until i aint giveing you any respect for what you do on that account

Stormchild Posted at 2012-11-13 14:22

well thats funny because everytime I do wb unless Im late Im top 5-6 at worst and thats only when adena md and piking are there, otherwise Im top 3-4. Only 5 people I know beat me in wb MD, Piking, Adena and lyra and sometimes greed or Ikki depending on the lag. But, youve never beaten me or them without balens, you are lucky to be in the top 10 most days. Its just sad really but, you keep living in your little make believe world where you pay to lose.

raynor Posted at 2012-11-13 15:46

whatever im lucky to be in top 10 now your just delusional iv been in top 10 long before you were even giveing that account you really have no clue  your useless at the game face it theres a lot of things you cant do beat lvl 95 cata  infact beat 90 first beat me in arena with no pots cause you try but just are not good enough also beat me in bg with out dryads you cant so stop comeing of your good

Stormchild Posted at 2012-11-13 18:14

[i=s] Last Edited by Stormchild on 2012-11-14 10:15 [/i]

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    First try speaking english, and I beat you in arena all the time AI is stupid and I dont need pots or a medal like I dont have now to beat you. See thats the funny thing you barely beat me and forget to notice I dont have a medal and you have a champion medal on thats a big difference. Im saving my sigs for the new gear I hope you have enough I dont want no excuses as to why you cant beat me later because you dont have the gear. but, heres the thing raynor weve seen the damage you take normally and the difference when you throw on all those pots and scrolls yet you claim you dont, we can see the difference in your br buddy so go feed your none sense to someone who believes your lies. Youve been a top 10 player but not top 3 in wb without using balens so you can feed that one to your loyal followers too, the rest of us know better. And before you talk you really should check the records Ive done 95 forgotten as well, I just havent done 100 yet.

raynor Posted at 2012-11-13 21:57

i think you need to ask around i was top player in wb long before you were playing that  account and i can look at times you fight me so you cant lie you lose all the time wen you challenge me in the arena also look at your arena reports i beat you 5 times in a row to prove how easy you are i just went to beat you again but you werent even in top 10 and you say i buff and use scrolls yes sometimes doesnt every1 but my br is 32k with out and trust me no pots or scrolls get wasted on you iv told you meet me in the wilds no pots or scrolls and we will settle this but you refuse every time cause i would show you up just like i do in bg and  for catacombs never even see your name beat lvl 80 never mind 90 so if you want to show how good you are take me up on my offer of no pots or scrolls and face me in the wilds

Stormchild Posted at 2012-11-13 23:28

[i=s] Last Edited by Stormchild on 2012-11-14 15:41 [/i]

Fighting in the wilds lol you truely are a child Raynor, dont you get it yet? this is a game I come to relax and waste a little time until I get bored of it and move onto something else. I dont have time for your whining and drama. I will not try to bother to be as strong as you think you are, I wont spend money on the game or at least not much if I do it will only be for sockets. But as I said I have no medal you currently using warrior or elite warrior medal otherwise our stats without pots are almost equal and you are no 32k without pots barely over 31k you like to boost before reset to get the higher br I know this because I tested it the other day and I was ranked 3rd in str the next day with over 32k br. I have almost 31k br without pots and If you dont see the advantage of a medal then you are a fool. Im saving my sigs to make sure I have a full set of the new gear. I hope you have enough so you have no excuses for being a lamer.


As I said beating you in arena isnt hard even without pots or medals, AI is dumb but, just to prove I have theres the picture.

raynor Posted at 2012-11-14 04:17

[i=s] Last Edited by raynor on 2012-11-14 21:26 [/i]

hahaha you buffed to beat me cause you logged out and cause you never took any your gear off your br stayed at its buffed number 32800 lol you really are stupid  and yes my br is 32k if you look at me through out the day it will be the same cant believe you got caught buffing to beat me[img][/img]
so what your saying is your backing down to a duel in the wilds no pots or scrolls

Elfarin Posted at 2012-11-14 04:51

Please stop the pissing contest

raynor Posted at 2012-11-14 05:24

[quote]Please stop the pissing contest
[size=2][color=#999999]Elfarin Posted on 2012-11-14 20:51[/color] [url=][img][/img][/url][/size][/quote]

    thought you had quit guess not

Stormchild Posted at 2012-11-14 07:27

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    Thats a nice try funny how you posted this hours after I beat you, like 10 hours haha good one. Yet funny thing is no one cares and your doing nothing but, making yourself look even younger then your are kiddo. Fine job

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