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BunnehRampage Posted at 2013-11-6 15:21


[color=Purple][b][font=Verdana]How exactly are we supposed to use these mahras? It says when I hover over it "It can increase the pet growth rate" but i click on it and nothing, have gone through the sylph system and see no use for it, same with blacksmithing. Can anyone tell me what I am supposed to do with these things?[/font][/b][/color]

mibjeebs Posted at 2013-11-7 20:07

Well they currently have an event to exchange them for the spechulum but will they be useable after the event is over or what?

Can some Magistrate answer this?

Golgo1122 Posted at 2013-11-18 13:26

Hi Both,

There is no exact use for them as of now, bu i would keep a hold of hem just in case we get the ability to use them.But as of now, there is no use for them whatsoever

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