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peterfamilyguy Posted at 2013-5-6 10:01

Goddess blessing vs fortitude/mdef

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according to my astrals at this time, which is greater: Pristine Goddess Blessing {reduce all dmg by 12% at lv 4} or
Refined Fortitude/Willpower +576 at lv 4?

peterfamilyguy Posted at 2013-5-15 08:46

wow no one?

fonso Posted at 2013-5-16 10:37

Willpower astrals have no value when fighting Knights or Archers.. Goddes Blessing do. But if you are engaged in battle with a Mage, Willpower is a must have. If u know the MATK of the Mage u want to fight with, you can compute the difference between the two astrals.

Say, 1000 MATK means a base damage of 1000 - 576MDEF will incur a damage of 424.. While having a reduction of 12% for goddess blessing would be 1000-120 will give a damage of 880. There are other factors that will affect this value.. but this may give you a hint.. Search for a more exact computations from other threads here if u are not satisfied.. :victory:

Doktor Posted at 2013-5-20 15:41

For best results, you should have all 3 if possible because RGB will help to enhance your defensive coverage against all the classes. For me personally, Refined Goddess Blessing is a must have Astral. :victory:

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