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Lemon5961 Posted at 2013-1-10 00:21

need good knight skill guide

does anyone knw how to set good knight  skills. i messed up my knight skill

XxKittenxX Posted at 2013-1-10 01:20

I found this for a tank knight, not sure if it is any good, so input would be great. Hope it helps someone.


Lemon5961 Posted at 2013-1-10 01:32

thx for the information

kimmi Posted at 2013-1-10 08:50

[quote]thx for the information
[size=2][color=#999999]Lemon5961 Posted on 2013-1-10 02:32[/color] [url=][img][/img][/url][/size][/quote]

No that guide kinda of sucks...js. I would make sure u lvl heart of rage, combat master, divine blessing, enhanced block asap u need to max them out first and when u can max out tenacity. Now max out ur slasher, ultimate slasher and get ur argron shield to max. Then its up to u on which way u want to go u can max out delphic destroyer or u can try to get intercept and whirlwind to get to enhanced delphic destroyer but its all on ur preference from there. If u want to use 80 rage or 100 rage & if u want reverse damage/shadow thrasher or whirlwind/intercept but all in all make sure u max out all of ur passive skills the first 4 i mentioned and as soon as u can max out tenacity asap.

p.s Make sure u go with knights cuz angels suck...js :D

XxKittenxX Posted at 2013-1-11 23:26

[b]Reply [url=]4#[/url] [i]kimmi[/i] [/b]

    I know someone once told me angels are so much better, I didn't see it. I got them to the same level around 30 or so and knights were better. So I have stuck with them. I imagine maybe the angels benefit someone else like mages? I don't know, I have an archer lol.

kimmi Posted at 2013-1-12 02:25

[quote]Reply  kimmi

    I know someone once told me angels are so much better, I didn't see it. I got th ...
[size=2][color=#999999]XxKittenxX Posted on 2013-1-12 00:26[/color] [url=][img][/img][/url][/size][/quote]

I dont think angels is better for any class honestly but thats my opinion. The top 10 players on server 1 all use knights and everyone that beat lvl 100 used knight(before the lvl 55 gear). SO i just see them as better, im sure i will get a tard that will say different.

p.s i only seen 1 person pull it off but im starting to beat him little by little but he a has also spent more money on the game than i have so...

mcnabb17543 Posted at 2013-1-13 17:48

well, i beat floor 100 before the 55 gear with angels. i used to be all gung ho about angels, but i have started recommending knights for the knight class.

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